1976, Hazlehurst, GA


Salon Next, 2007
Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 2006
Inherent Design Lab, 2013
Inherent Design Lab, 2014


Organic Series
Orchids & Frogs
Creases & Folds
Surreal Safari
From the Toy Box


Atlanta Journal Constitution, 8/2006
Points North, 8/2006



A natural born artist, Adam has been creating art since childhood.

His work, while ever evolving, often turns to themes of playful images on organic backgrounds.

His first professional exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s Fuqua Orchid Center was fittingly titled “Orchids and Frogs”, and captured the garden’s inhabitants in oil and resin on lacquered fabric. This freshman exhibit gave him insight into the direction his work would lead him. Working with a variety of media including: oils, lacquered fabric, wood, and marble allows his canvas to inform and inspire each individual piece.

Adam’s next body of work, titled “Surreal Safari”, combined exotic animals with manufactured elements creating playful narratives and surreal imagery. These landscapes explore a world where the lines of reality and fantasy coexist.

“Verbs”, Adam’s third series is a refreshingly witty collection of illustrious images presented as single objects. Further contemplation reveals the clever object-verb relationship to the viewer. The translucency of these objects once again allow the lines of reality to be blurred into fantasy.

Adam’s most recent series, “From the Toy Box”, commands the viewer to explore a bright world of realistically rendered toys and animals, living in vast empty landscapes. These nostalgic toys and animals, along with their elongated shadows, exist to create a playful (yet sophisticated), hope invoking narrative.

The essence of Adam’s entire body of work evokes a spark of joy, a moment in time captured and surrounded by nature’s elements.