1976, Hazlehurst, GA


Salon Next, 2007
Atlanta Botanical Gardens, 2006
Inherent Design Lab, 2013
Inherent Design Lab, 2014


Organic Series
Orchids & Frogs
Creases & Folds
Surreal Safari
From the Toy Box


Atlanta Journal Constitution, 8/2006
Points North, 8/2006



Having subject matter generally associated with play, even nostalgia, Adam Stewart’s paintings represent more than simple still lifes. His chosen objects already posses a history, whether thematically or contextually, through the act of play or practice, and their juxtaposition requires an introspective look from the viewer. Such objects are loaded with meaning and the relationship among or between them suggests the possibility of a new narrative — one necessarily respective, but also transcendent of the object’s former “still life”. Stewart’s choice of objects and their juxtaposition that recommends them dually as characters in a smaller, more plastic, and wonderfully contrived tableaux vivant.